How to watch movies with girlfriend on Instagram

Instagram is a social media application created by Kevin Systrom, an American citizen. In its journey, the first Instagram name when it was pioneered was Burnbn. This application focuses on HTML5 mobile technology ,  and at that time it was almost similar to the social media Facebook. In order to have a distinctive character, Kevin and his friend Mike Krieger chose to focus on photos,  likes,  and comments. Now,  Instagram is  no longer… Read More »

How to See Where You’ve Been on Google Maps

Only by having one Google account, there are many benefits that can be obtained. How come? As a large company, Google has a lot of applications that really help the daily life of its users. An example is the Google Maps application. BENEFITS OF GOOGLE MAPS One of the benefits of the Google Maps application is that it… Read More »

How to Watch Videos on Android Phone Screen

In the midst of increasingly fierce technological competition today, many applications add a variety of interesting features that are of course useful for users. One of them is the Opera browser application. Did you know that only by using the Opera browser application; Can you watch videos on your Android phone screen? OPERA BROWSER As with other browser… Read More »