2 Easy Ways to Remove Stickers on Telegram

It seems that stickers have become mandatory in the world of chat. The proof is that we often answer our chat opponents with just a sticker. Plus, now besides stickers that come from the chat application itself; There are tons of applications that offer free stickers and even a sticker maker application.


Telegram itself is a chat application that has lots of cute and interesting animated sticker displays. How to get these stickers is also quite easy and doesn’t require any additional applications. So without realizing it, the stickers in the Telegram application have become very large, even though some of these stickers are bored and no longer used.

Did you know that besides having a feature to find and download funny stickers, the Telegram application also provides a sticker delete feature. Interestingly, you can delete stickers in 2 ways, namely through settings and via chat.



1. Remove stickers via the Settings menu. First of all, open the Telegram app on your Android, and then click on the three lines icon in the top left corner. Select and click the Settings menu . On the Settings menu, find and click the Chat Settings menu .

2. Scroll down to Chat Settings, then find and click the Stickers and Masks menu . On the Stickers and Mask menu, save all stickers stored in your Telegram application.

3. Click the dot icon to the right of the sticker and select Delete . Done, do the same as above to remove the other stickers.


4. Delete stickers via chat. First of all, open your Telegram application, and select one of the chats in your Telegram account. Click the Emoji icon next to the text box, and then select the Stickers menu . Then click the Gear / Settings icon which is on the right side of the Sticker menu.

5. Then you will immediately be directed to the Stickers and Masks page which contains all the stickers stored in your Telegram application. Select a sticker , and click the dot icon to the right of the sticker. Select Delete and done, do the same thing to delete other stickers on your Telegram account.


Those are 2 easy ways to remove stickers in your Telegram application. By removing stickers that are no longer used; Besides tidying up the display in your sticker column, it can also reduce the memory usage of the Telegram application on your Android.

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