2 Ways to Reject Incoming Calls on WhatsApp Without Blocking Numbers

Apart from being a means of communication, now smartphones also have benefits to support all activities and work of its users. Coupled with the many useful applications that you can download and use for free, all your work can be supported only with a smartphone.


But have you ever, while busy working on your smartphone, suddenly received an incoming phone call on the WhatsApp application? Of course it doesn’t matter if it’s an important call, but how about just chatting. 

In addition to containing useful features to facilitate communication, in fact the WhatsApp application also contains tips and tricks. One of them is tips on how to reject phone calls without having to block numbers in the WhatsApp application.

You just need to disable or temporarily turn off your WhatsApp application. There are two ways to temporarily disable the WhatsApp application on Android, namely by using the Application Info menu and by using the Settings menu on Android. 



1. The first way is to temporarily disable the WhatsApp application. By clicking and long-pressing the WhatsApp application icon on your Android home page. Then select the Application Info menu .

2. After the WhatsApp Application Info page opens, find and click the Force Stop feature . Done, to reactivate the WhatsApp application; You just open the WhatsApp application on your Android and your WhatsApp application will automatically reactivate.


3. The second way is to turn off the WhatsApp application internet network. Open the Settings menu on your Android, then find and click the Dual SIM & Cellular Network menu . Then find and select the Using Wifi & Cellular Network feature .

4. In the Using Wifi & Cellular Network feature, find and select the WhatsApp application . Select Close to turn off all internet connections from WiFi or Cellular Data. Done, to revive the internet network in the WhatsApp application; just open the WhatsApp application on your android and then select Set to activate .


Those are two simple tips to reject incoming phone calls on the WhatsApp application without having to block numbers. But keep in mind, the two methods above will temporarily stop your WhatsApp application. In addition to no phone calls, you will also not receive WhatsApp messages or video calls from any contacts.

So if you have finished your activities or work, you must immediately reactivate your WhatsApp application.

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