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How to get e-pass for interstate travel

Stranded people who have to travel to their homes and others who need to travel for important purposes can request an e pass to travel interstate. The process to apply for interstate e pass is simple. Apply for interstate travel e pass Step 1: Go to to apply for e pass. Step 2: Then click ‘select… Read More »

Best trick for Find Your Lost iPhone

Lost your iPhone? Don’t know how to find it or erase its data before it falls into the hands of a bad actor? Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is simple to use and comes in handy should your iPhone go missing. It allows you to view the location of your lost or stolen iPhone, play… Read More »

How to recharge your FASTag

FASTag recharge can come in handy when you’re travelling from one city to another and don’t have an appropriate balance in your FASTag account. Various apps offer FASTag recharge options. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can recharge your FASTag using Google Pay. Google introduced UPI recharge option for FASTag users through the… Read More »

How to Automatically Type Using Voice on an Android Phone

Along with the advancement of time and technology, there are lots of useful applications that are made to simplify people’s daily activities. One such useful application is the Speechnotes application. SPEECHNOTES APPLICATION The Speechnote application serves to convert voice into text. Maybe on the Play Store there are lots of them that provide the same benefits as… Read More »

How to Delete Messages in Facebook Messenger at Once

Messenger is a chat or messaging application that is still the same parent with Facebook. This messenger application is intended for us as text message senders , for voice communication to video calls . This Messenger application is like any chat application in general. The only difference is that this application is connected directly to Facebook. MESSENGER From Mark Zuckerberg’s side, he deliberately separated the messenger application… Read More »

How to Make Bold Captions on Instagram

What doesn’t get left behind when you want to upload something to Instagram? Yes, the answer is Caption . On Instagram, the caption is quite important when you upload photos or video content on Instagram. The caption usually serves as an explanation, because it certainly contains information that you will convey regarding the post that you have uploaded . CAPTION For those of you who… Read More »

How to Schedule Messages to Send Automatically

The friend whose birthday you forgot, the important message you were supposed to send to your boss, the anniversary you promise yourself you won’t forget every single year. We all have a list of things we find ourselves end up coming short on, but hey, we’re only human.  There comes a time in everyone’s life… Read More »