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How switch from an Android device to an iPhone

Every application on your Android must have an icon, right? Of course. Icons or symbols are small images that usually represent an application. Usually the icons of each application have their own characteristics, so that they can distinguish one application from another. But you must have seen the icon and app name a lot of times – that’s all. Well,… Read More »

Easy Ways to Remove Stickers on the WhatsApp Application

Not only the features, the WhatsApp application also always updates its stickers with new themes and looks. As it is known; that now the use of stickers is popular among chat applications, including the WhatsApp application. In fact, sometimes we also reply to a message with just a sticker. Because sometimes, stickers can also be used as an answer… Read More »

How to Lock Whatsapp Web with a Password

Security is an absolute must for everyone, especially when it comes to social media. World technology activists interpret this need for security well, one of which is WhatsApp. The service end to end encryption  makes  WhatsApp  application  chat  of the most widely used today. End to end encryption itself is a communication process that can only be known from the user or sender to recipient. However,… Read More »

Easy Ways to Change Google Meet Background

After India was hit by the corona virus pandemic . Quoted from the CNN Indonesia news site, the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in Indonesia since March 2, 2020. Not long after, its spread has spread to 34 provinces in India. So that all activities that are causing a crowd are then changed to the online method. For example, activities… Read More »

How to Use Google Maps Live View

Have you tried using the map pointer in live view ? If not, you must try it. By using the live view you will experience a more exciting experience using Google Maps in 3D. GOOGLE MAPS In this day and age, of course, we find a lot of Google maps users. You don’t have to be confused and wonder if you don’t know… Read More »

How to Change WhatsApp’s Unique Voice Note and Status Splitter

Want to upload a long status? Or want to surprise your friends with a unique VN? Now you don’t need additional applications, you can use 2 split video features and VN changer directly from WhatsApp. CHAT APPLICATION How many Chat applications are there installed on your smartphone ? The answer may vary in one application or more than two. Although there are many, the choice of many people falls on WhatsApp because it… Read More »

Easy Ways to Post 2 Photos at Once on Instagram Stories

If you are an Instagram user, you must be familiar with the Instagram feature. A common problem with this feature is that users cannot upload  two photos in one frame . But don’t worry, you can solve this problem with the help of the Swiftkey Keyboard application! INSTASTORY Instastory is one of the most popular features on Instagram. Through this feature, users… Read More »