Monthly Archives: June 2021

How to Remove Photo Backgrounds Without an Application

Nowadays, there are more and more applications that make it easier for users to remove photo backgrounds . But the fact is, there is no application that is really easy to use when removing photo backgrounds . Most of these applications usually require prior selection of the parts of the photo that you want to remove the background from . Of course, this can be said… Read More »

How to Show Live Wallpaper with Sound on Android

Having an attractive wallpaper is a must for smartphone users. Now there are many applications that offer a variety of unique and attractive wallpaper displays. One of the popular wallpapers used by smartphone users is live wallpaper. But usually the live wallpaper appears without making a sound. But did you know that now we can display live wallpapers that… Read More »

How to Post Instagram Stories Through the Telegram

Stories is one of the most used features on Instagram by users of the Instagram application. Through Stories on Instagram; users usually upload various things ranging from daily activities, happy moments, even to selling products. But you know, we can also upload Stories on Instagram using the Telegram chat application! How come? How to? We only need to take advantage… Read More »

How to Make Voice Notes So WhatsApp Status

Want to make something unique in your Wa status? Have you tried making story voice notes ? If not, see the tips and tricks below. WHATSAPP VOICE NOTES Whatsapp that you know today does have a variety of features. Starting from stories , Video Calls with several people to old features, namely Voice notes or what you usually call VN. Sometimes when you are lazy to… Read More »

How to Create Text Stickers on WhatsApp

In this month of Festival, of course, it has become a tradition to give greetings, such as happy breaking fast, sahur and so on. Well, because what is common today is sending instant messages, you can also make Whatsapp greeting sticker text. Curious how? Read more here. WHATSAPP FEATURES Every year, WhatsApp is quite diligent about updating new features. Yep, that’s… Read More »