best way to Stop WhatsApp from Auto-Saving Images on Your mobile

Pictures or videos that come from groups or personal WhatsApp that are automatically stored in the phone memory sometimes make the memory heavy, making the cellphone slow. This makes you intend to replace the cellphone with a larger memory and even need to add external memory.

Before we replace or add external memory, it would be better if we first find the cause of the problem. Such as lack of care or maybe you don’t know the problem. Another way of dealing with the problem is not to download the file. But if it is not downloaded, it will make some WhatsApp users regret not knowing about the management of this feature.

WhatsApp has several features that can solve this problem which are in the settings, as for the location of the settings section so that it is not automatically saved in chat settings or settings that you can get easily.


Settings chat is an arrangement that governs  the features chatter that often we use that has many functions including set a theme, change wallpaper background chat , featuring the new media downloads in phone gallery, resize the font , back up chat and displays a history of chat that belongs to the category of settings chat .

Before entering the chat settings , you will be directed to several setting features, namely profiles, accounts, chat , notifications, storage and data, assistance and friend invitations. Select the one after the chat and slide the blue button off in the chat settings (media display)
The tutorial is as follows:


1. Open WhatsApp and click the three dots beside the top right which is arranged down.

2. After clicking the three points down, look for the settings / settings located at the very bottom and click settings .

3. After clicking on settings you will be directed to several settings including account, chat, notification, storage and data, help and friends, look for the second Chat feature after the account and click Chat.

4. Once open [ chat settings Slide the green Media Display button to off  which is in the second position chat settings section.


In this tutorial it is very easy to find so friends don’t have to bother just read and see and easy to find. Please share with friends or your social media, hopefully it can help for WhatsApp users who are still ordinary.

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