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How to Hide All Posts at Once on Facebook Lite

As one of the most widely used social media applications by the world’s people today, in one day there are lots of news/messages that are shared using the Facebook application. Only using this one application, users can share various kinds of information such as daily activities, job vacancies, or share expertise/skills. HIDING FACEBOOK POSTS But like… Read More »

How to Get Answer Keys for All Subject Questions on Telegram

With the advancement of internet technology; the easier it is for us to get a lot of information from various sources. One of them is getting answers to subject matter questions. Maybe not the same question, but the answer to the question is close to your question. What’s more, there are now many discussion forums on the internet… Read More »

How To Fix Bug Report in Mi Phone

TECHNOWORDL.COM Through its MIUI system interface , Xiaomi tries to equip various kinds of mobile phones with a number of equipment that can help users in their activities. However, some of the features and support in the system interface are unfortunately not free from a number of problems which can actually be annoying when used.… Read More »

How to Change the Notification Pop Up

Notifications are one of the most important things in a smartphone . Well, if you plan to change it, inwepo will share a trick to make the notification pop up more cool and interesting at the bottom of the screen. SMARTPHONES AND APPS Smartphones are closely related to applications. Yes, there are many applications available, there are default applications and… Read More »

How do you set reminders on Realme

Along with today’s technology, there are lots of interesting applications available on the Play Store. But often times, it’s so fun to use the application that we forget the time and forget about the tasks that should have been done. To get around this, generally we will use a reminder timer application that must be downloaded first… Read More »

How To Convert Web Articles Into Audio Files

Are you busy with many activities? But want to read articles on a website? Relax now you can convert articles on the website into audio files . Here’s how! ANDROID Android is an open source system , easy to edit according to our expectations. This may be one of the factors on how popular the Android system is today. Although it does not deny that there are many other… Read More »

How to block website urls on Android and PC

Sometimes we may be annoyed with a website that we frequently visit, for example, the web makes us not focus on what we are doing, or maybe we even stray to a p0rn site. To outsmart this is by blocking the url from the web. To block the url do the following: Block Website Url on Smartphone… Read More »