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how to enable notification led on android

Never do not you get a notification for example WhatsApp messages from a boyfriend but you are more males or not had time to open and read it? Now for those of you who are lazy or don’t have time to hold a cellphone because you are busy or are on the way to bring a vehicle and… Read More »

review fotor application to edit photos on smartphones

otor is an online photo editing program with 350 million users that from all round the globe.Fotor was once called Photoshop Lite by the BBC because of its ease of use and its ability to satisfy most of your photo editing needs.“I find using Fotor is simple and straightforward. I believe that many photography enthusiasts… Read More »

Best trick for Find Your Lost iPhone

Lost your iPhone? Don’t know how to find it or erase its data before it falls into the hands of a bad actor? Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is simple to use and comes in handy should your iPhone go missing. It allows you to view the location of your lost or stolen iPhone, play… Read More »

canva app review by technowordl

To create a thumbnail was needed software graphic design such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw . But sometimes we experience problems when using the software , such as constraints on how to use it or the technique is confusing for those who are beginners. But for those of you who are still beginners and confused about using the example software above to create thumbnails , here… Read More »

how to restore deleted data on android

Have an important file? But accidentally deleted from your Android? Confusion is definitely the first thing you will do. Especially if you don’t have the backup file  . Wow, that might be your worst experience. Yes, maybe if that happens on your laptop or computer, the data won’t just disappear. Of course, the file will be stored in the  Recycle Bin which you can restore back to normal. Then… Read More »

best complete online photo editing application 2021

In today’s mobile era, editing photos is very easy, only with a smartphone / cellphone, everyone can edit photos as desired, no need to use a laptop or PC. The best photo editor applications for Android include 7 of them, besides being great with abundant features, they can also be downloaded for free on the… Read More »