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How to Use Bald Filters on Instagram Stories

Have you tried the cute and up-to-date bald filters on your Instagram story ? If you haven’t read the article below so you know how. INSTAGRAM IG or what we usually know as Instagram has lots of camera filters or effects that make our photos even more interesting. Well, currently a trending filter is quite funny and interesting for fun or content on… Read More »

How to Lock Whatsapp Web with a Password

Security is an absolute must for everyone, especially when it comes to social media. World technology activists interpret this need for security well, one of which is WhatsApp. The service end to end encryption  makes  WhatsApp  application  chat  of the most widely used today. End to end encryption itself is a communication process that can only be known from the user or sender to recipient. However,… Read More »

How to make a Chrome cursor a funny character

Often surf in cyberspace using Google Chrome? Bored with normal or mediocre cursor shapes? let’s change your cursor to be cuter with Cute Cursor . Follow the steps below. GOOGLE CHROME Internet users around the world or even in Indonesia are certainly familiar with the name Google Chrome. Google’s browser application or browsing site is indeed quite widely used by anyone to search for… Read More »

How to Make Telegram Bubble Chat Transparent

Tired of your usual Telegram bubble chat appearance ? Let’s change the chat bubble to Transparent with the tips below. If asked what is the best chat application besides WhatsApp? Surely everyone agrees if Telegram is the answer. Telegram is a chat application that is also a competitor to WhatsApp which is quite popular and has many monthly active users. Telegram is not only present as an ordinary messaging application, but… Read More »