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How to Report a Group on Telegram

The more advanced technology today, the faster information/content spreads. As we know, whether it’s in chat applications, social media applications, or search applications like Google, there are millions of new information/contents that come in every day. However, of all the information/content that comes in, not all of it is information/content that is positive and useful. There is… Read More »

How to Make Online Gifts on Android

As an internet user, surely you have seen and found a gift display that once you click it will display a photo and message. It cannot be denied, with the increasing popularity of the internet; there are lots of unique and interesting views that can be opened easily and quickly. One of them is making gifts online. ONLINE… Read More »

How to Show 3D Animals in the Home Room

Want to play while studying? Well, you must try Google’s AR Animal . With Google technology, can these 3D animals be brought into the real world with a smartphone ? Here’s how! GOOGLE 3D ANIMAL In 2019, it turned out that Google had made several examples of animals in 3D. So, with the help of AR ( Augmented Reality ) technology, Google makes these 3D animals seem real and… Read More »

How to Delete Messages in Facebook Messenger at Once

Messenger is a chat or messaging application that is still the same parent with Facebook. This messenger application is intended for us as text message senders , for voice communication to video calls . This Messenger application is like any chat application in general. The only difference is that this application is connected directly to Facebook. MESSENGER From Mark Zuckerberg’s side, he deliberately separated the messenger application… Read More »