How to Create a Dolly Zoom with Instagram

August 18, 2021 vishal 0

Want to make a dolly zoom effect but don’t know how? Feeling complicated because you don’t know the concept? Well, you can try making a dolly zoom effect with the help of Instagram. Here’s how! […]

How to Report a Group on Telegram

June 14, 2021 vishal 0

The more advanced technology today, the faster information/content spreads. As we know, whether it’s in chat applications, social media applications, or search applications like Google, there […]

How to Show 3D Animals in the Home Room

April 23, 2021 vishal 0

Want to play while studying? Well, you must try Google’s AR Animal . With Google technology, can these 3D animals be brought into the real world with a smartphone ? Here’s how! GOOGLE 3D […]