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How to Create Text Stickers on WhatsApp

In this month of Festival, of course, it has become a tradition to give greetings, such as happy breaking fast, sahur and so on. Well, because what is common today is sending instant messages, you can also make Whatsapp greeting sticker text. Curious how? Read more here. WHATSAPP FEATURES Every year, WhatsApp is quite diligent about updating new features. Yep, that’s… Read More »

How To Convert TikTok Videos Into Mp3

Do you often find good songs on the TikTok app? Want to make it an Mp3 or your smartphone ringtone ? Follow how to make it below. TIKTOK What do you think of when you hear the word TikTok? Surely we all agree that this application contains video content that is funny, interesting and informative and is one of the currently booming applications .Yes,… Read More »

How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account Via Smartphone

Tired of your activities on Instagram? Want to disable it for a while and maybe come back someday? If yes, below, we have prepared an article for temporarily deactivating Instagram via a smartphone . INSTAGRAM Who are Internet users today who are not familiar with social media sharing Instagram photos and videos? Yes, this one social media application is indeed… Read More »

How to Hide Number of Likes on Instagram Posts

Now social media applications have become a basic need of today’s millennial society. How come? Through social media applications, users can easily obtain and get the latest information easily and quickly. And one of the most widely used social media applications by the world community today is the Instagram application. INSTAGRAM Along with the increasing number of users… Read More »

How to Use Bald Filters on Instagram Stories

Have you tried the cute and up-to-date bald filters on your Instagram story ? If you haven’t read the article below so you know how. INSTAGRAM IG or what we usually know as Instagram has lots of camera filters or effects that make our photos even more interesting. Well, currently a trending filter is quite funny and interesting for fun or content on… Read More »

How to Make Online Gifts on Android

As an internet user, surely you have seen and found a gift display that once you click it will display a photo and message. It cannot be denied, with the increasing popularity of the internet; there are lots of unique and interesting views that can be opened easily and quickly. One of them is making gifts online. ONLINE… Read More »

How to Report Fake Facebook Account on Android

Many fake accounts are filled with shy people but not a few are also filled with bullies. Usually, the shy account doesn’t always reveal his true identity directly, and it’s usually used by people who are new to cyberspace or have certain other things. And fake accounts of bullies are usually used by people who are prankster… Read More »