Easy to Hide Chat on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is a chat application that has lots of security features. Among them are two-step verification, locking the WhatsApp application with a fingerprint, pinning the WhatsApp application, and detecting the WhatsApp application account that is opened using another device.


But do you know, the WhatsApp application has just released a new feature for the WhatsApp Web application. This feature is disguising chat on the WhatsApp Web application. By activating this feature, chats on the WhatsApp Web application will automatically become blurred or disguised.

The chat disguise feature on WhatsApp Web will be very useful when you have to leave your desk for a moment for urgent needs. Even though, your WhatsApp chat appears on the computer screen; but your chat will not be read by other people. To be able to see the camouflaged chat, your computer cursor must touch the chat message.


1. First download the existence of the WhatsApp application on the Chrome Web Store. Open the Chrome application on your computer, then in the website search box type Chrome Web Store and select the Chrome Web Store website . 

2. After the Chrome Web Store website opens, type the keyword extension for WhatsApp .

3. Then an extension will appear related to the WhatsApp application. Find and click the extension called Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web . If the extension doesn’t appear, click the Show All button to display the extension related to WhatsApp.

4. After the extension opens, click the Add to Chrome button to add Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web to the Chrome browser. Then a notification box will appear whether you want to add the extension to the Chrome browser , click Add extension . Done, now the Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web has been added to your Chrome browser.

5. Close the Chrome browser application and then re-open the Chrome application. Open the WhatsApp Web application in the Chrome application. Now your WhatsApp Web display has become faint.

6. To view a message in a contact, select one of the available contacts on your WhatsApp Web application and hover over the messages in that contact. Automatically, the message will appear as soon as the cursor touches the message.


How? It’s easy to disguise chat on the WhatsApp Web application. Apart from the Chrome browser application, you can also disguise WhatsApp Web in other browser applications. You only need to add the WhatsApp extension in the browser application.

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