Easy Way to Split Long Duration Videos for WhatsApp Story

Easy Way to Split Long Duration Videos for WhatsApp Story

Do you want to send the video to status but the duration is too long? Confused how to cut the duration so it can still be made a story ? Well, this time inwepo will share tips so you can easily share the long video to your status.

WhatsApp was first introduced around 2009 and became famous and popular around 2012 until now. At the beginning of the release of the WhatsApp application is not free or free of charge. But over time WhatsApp can now be enjoyed by everyone without having to pay a penny.

The more you come here, the WhatsApp features will also increase. A few years ago came the story or status feature . Which feature might be inspired by the story feature on Instagram. It’s just a little difference between WhatsApp story and instastory.

Namely the WhatsApp limits users to only be able to upload videos to the story with a duration of 30 seconds, and for images and text only 5 seconds. This certainly looks very difficult when we have a video that is good enough to share but has a fairly long duration.

Indeed, from WhatsApp, the trim video feature or manual video cutter is provided. But sometimes we still have trouble cutting videos that are 3 minutes and up. Sometimes the results of the video trim are also not quite right.

Now, inwepo has tips on how we can share long-duration videos with the right trim results for our WhatsApp story . Here are the easy steps.


1. The first step, download & install the first Video Splitter application on Google Play.

2. The second step, if you have directly opened the application then tap the OK menu then give permission for the application to tap Allow.

3. The third step, select the SPLIT VIDEO menu and find the folder where you saved the video that you want to split .

4. The fourth step, tap the next video then tap the WHATSAPP SPLIT menu then tap the checklist at the top.

5. Step five, wait for the process a few moments. Then if you have already been directed to a page where your long video has been cut off. Tap to see the preview . To send the whole tap and hold on the video icon starting from the bottom, then tap the menu done .

6. Step six, select the WhatsApp menu and then choose send to status. Well, automatically there will be a caption of the application, you just delete it and replace it with  your own caption .

Thus the tutorial How to Easily Split a Long Duration Video for WhatsApp Story. May be useful.