Easy Ways to Change Google Meet Background

After India was hit by the corona virus pandemic . Quoted from the CNN Indonesia news site, the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in Indonesia since March 2, 2020. Not long after, its spread has spread to 34 provinces in India. So that all activities that are causing a crowd are then changed to the online method.

For example, activities that are held online in a pandemic condition are schools, lectures, seminars, meetings, memorial services, and many more. Things like this cause Indonesian residents, from children who are still in elementary school to parents who have to work, like it or not, they have to use online meeting room facilities  in the form of video conferencing .


Some of the widely used video conferencing platforms include Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx, etc. However, there are a few obstacles related to online seminars in the form of webinars and meetings that invite speakers.

If in normal activities there may be banners on the theme, speakers, moderators and other information. So that the seminar process and the like will become a little more formal.

However, because the current condition is in a less normal condition, the best alternative is definitely just online activities. Because it is online, a new problem arises, namely that every speaker who is on camera will see the background where the speaker is located.

If the background of the speaker is not good enough to see, then of course the results will not be good. But there is no need to worry, if you are appointed as a speaker or moderator and your background is not good enough, then the solution is to change the background . Here is the tutorial:


1. Please use a laptop or PC to open Google Meet, no need to download the application, please visit the https://meet.google.com link
2. When you successfully open it, a preview will appear to start, in this condition you don’t ask to join yet.

3. Click the change background button, see in the following image

4. Then several default options will appear for your background , if you want a background that is on your laptop or PC, click the add button, see the image, then look for an image from your laptop

5. If so, your camera will automatically become active, and the background on the monitor screen will change according to the selected image.


That’s a tutorial on how to change the background when doing video conferencing with the google meet platform . Very easy, of course. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. Thank you.

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