Easy Ways to Make Moving Emojis on WhatsApp

When chatting, of course, we often encounter emoticons . Well, usually the emoticon is just silent. What if we make it moveable? Surely the chat chat will be more exciting.


When asked which chat application is very exciting to discuss? The answer is probably WhatsApp. Yes, tips and tricks about WhatsApp do seem like they are endless and keep popping up. The same is the case with this article which will discuss how to make moving emoticons or moving animations from emoticons for WhatsApp.

The role of chatting in an era like now is very useful. Besides making it easier to carry out various activities such as sending documents or pictures and also communicating between remote users, with this chat application we can now make it a business field or a place to do business.


One of the most familiar and popular chat applications today is WhatsApp. This application connects us with other users with a mobile number registered as a WhatsApp account. Do chat with other WhatsApp users especially boyfriends or do’i indeed very pleasant, sometimes even make us forget the time.

We often joke about sending emoticons and stickers to express our feelings. Generally, the emoticons we send are usually only still images. Well, this time we will share tips so that the emoticons you send can become motion pictures or animations.


As usual, we will be assisted by third-party applications here to create moving emoticons . The application is Whatssmiley, this application not only makes it easier for us to get moving emoticons but also unique and interesting sticker packs .


1. Before proceeding to the second step, you must first install the Whatsmiley application. Tap here to download it.

2. As usual, after you finish installing, you can immediately open the application then select the Gif menu at the top. All you have to do is choose the emoticon you want to use.

3. Later a choice of HD version will appear , you can just tap the menu and later you will be shown a sticker package that you can use on WhatsApp. If you don’t want to use it as a sticker, tap the share icon below and select the WhatsApp application.


How, are you having trouble getting Emoticons to move? Making moving emoticons on WhatsApp is very easy, right? Well, not only for WhatsApp, you can also make it for other chat applications without any restrictions and of course it’s free. Good luck!

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