Easy Ways to Remove Stickers on the WhatsApp Application

Not only the features, the WhatsApp application also always updates its stickers with new themes and looks. As it is known; that now the use of stickers is popular among chat applications, including the WhatsApp application. In fact, sometimes we also reply to a message with just a sticker. Because sometimes, stickers can also be used as an answer to messages.


The WhatsApp chat application itself also has lots of stickers with various themes and views. Without the need for additional applications that must be downloaded first; the WhatsApp application already provides a sticker page. Not only 2D stickers, but there are also lots of animated stickers that you can choose from and you can get them for free.

Generally, in one sticker theme there are several different sticker views. Even though on the WhatsApp sticker page there are lots of themes. You can download WhatsApp stickers with various themes with no maximum limits.

Interestingly, on this sticker page, the WhatsApp application does not only provide sticker downloads. But it also provides a sticker delete feature. That way, you can easily delete WhatsApp stickers that are bored and no longer used.


1. Open the WhatsApp application, and select one of the chats available on your WhatsApp account. You are free to choose between personal chat and group chat. After the chat is selected and open, just click the Emoji icon on the left side of the text box.

2. After that, find and click the Stickers feature in the menu below the emoji. Then click the + (add) icon in the upper right corner of the Sticker menu.

3. On this Sticker page , there are two menus, namely the All Stickers menu and the My Stickers menu . The All Stickers menu contains WhatsApp stickers that are not / are not saved on your WhatsApp account.

4. Click the download icon to the right of the sticker to get the sticker. Meanwhile, the My Stickers menu contains WhatsApp stickers that have been downloaded / saved on your WhatsApp account.

5. Meanwhile, to delete WhatsApp stickers that are stored on your WhatsApp account, click the My Stickers menu and then select the sticker you want to remove.

6. Click the trash icon to the right of the sticker. Then click Delete on the confirmation text box to remove the sticker. Done, do the same steps as above to remove the other stickers.


So many simple tutorials on how to delete stickers on the WhatsApp application. After deleting old stickers, you can now search and download the latest stickers from the WhatsApp application.

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