Facts about Youtube that are rarely known

Facts about Youtube that are rarely known

Who doesn’t know Youtube yet Of course everyone is very familiar not with YouTube videos that almost all netizens of the world have ever accessed. Youtube is present and is becoming a “friend” by anyone who has a gadget. Ranging from children to adults, men to women.

With the very well-known YouTube of course many people who do not know the unique YouTube, which actually is rarely known. First is the number of youtube users.

Youtube has a third of internet users

There are so many videos that users can put together on the YouTube site, so it’s no wonder that the YouTube site has so many followers and is often the goal of internet users when trying to find a particular video.

It turns out you have to know that YouTube has reached 1 billion people around the world and that number is certainly very fantastic and just the same as 1/3 of internet users in the world.

Youtube Statistics Per Minute

The second unique fact is YouTube statistics which are based on user behavior and overall users can spend six billion hours watching videos for a month.

You also need to know that most men watch YouTube in about 4 billion videos a day and every minute the video can be uploaded to the site as well as various popular videos within 300 hours.

Youtube has 76 languages ​​in various countries

After being acquired by Google since 2016, of course the video sharing site can provide 76 languages ​​and has local versions for 70 countries in the world. With so many languages ​​that have been provided, of course, most YouTube visitors are from outside the United States.

Saudi Arabia the Most High Country Access Download on Youtube

You also need to know that Saudi Arabia is the country that watches the most YouTube sites. That is very strange right? This is because Saudi Arabia is not as free as other countries in accessing the internet.

Another thing you need to know is in terms of topics that are frequently searched for on YouTube. Most of the topics searched are about music and tutorials. That’s the thing and other functions of YouTube that are rarely known by others.

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