How do you set reminders on Realme

Along with today’s technology, there are lots of interesting applications available on the Play Store. But often times, it’s so fun to use the application that we forget the time and forget about the tasks that should have been done. To get around this, generally we will use a reminder timer application that must be downloaded first on the Play Store.


But for those of you who are HP Realme users, you don’t need to install a reminder timer application on the Play Store because HP Realme is equipped with a timer feature to remind you to use the application. This feature is found in the Digital Convenience menu and Parental Controls on the Settings menu on your HP Realme. The Digital Comfort and Parental Control menu itself is a menu that contains information on the use of your HP Realme and features that function to control the use of HP Realme.


1. On your HP Realme, click the Settings menu . The settings menu for your HP Realme opens, scroll down and look for a menu called Digital Comfort & Parental Controls . This feature contains all application usage information that is used on your HP Realme. Like the length of time to use all applications on your Realme cellphone for the last 24 hours.

2. Meanwhile, to control the use of one of the applications found on the Realme cellphone, we can activate the application reminder timer feature. The method is very easy, click on your Digital Health Features menu and then select Dashboard .

3. On the Dashboard menu, there is a bar chart showing the daily use of HP Realme. To be able to activate the reminder timer feature of an application, scroll down and click the hourglass icon on the right side of the application.

4. Set how many hours you want to use the application within the next 24 hours and then click Ok . Done, the app usage reminder timer has been set. The timer will automatically reset at midnight. Do the same steps as above, to set a timer to remind you of usage time in other applications installed on your Realme cellphone.


How? It’s not easy to activate and set a reminder timer for using applications on a Realme cellphone. This feature is of course very useful to limit you from using social media applications and video applications every day. That way, it is hoped that your time will be useful and more productive.

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