How switch from an Android device to an iPhone

Every application on your Android must have an icon, right? Of course. Icons or symbols are small images that usually represent an application. Usually the icons of each application have their own characteristics, so that they can distinguish one application from another. But you must have seen the icon and app name a lot of times – that’s all. Well, I want to introduce you to an application that can change the icon and name of your application, so that it is unique and cool hehe. The name of the application is X Icon Changer.


X Icon Changer is a useful app to help you change and customize the icon and name for any app. You can use icons from the gallery, other application icons and many packages that you can personalize.

The X Icon Changer app will create a shortcut with a new icon on your home screen. This application is the easiest way to change the application name and icon. Remember, this application will only change the appearance of the application name and icon on your homepage, X Icon Changer will not change the name and application icon on the system.


1. Open the X Icon Changer application that you downloaded. Then you will be taken to the menu as shown below.

2. Select the application that you want to change the name or icon for.

3. If you want to change the name you can click the pencil button next to the name of the application.

4. If you want to change the icon you will be given 3 options, namely library, photos and apps.

5. For the library you can change the application icon with the package provided by X Icon Changer. You can choose the package or you can also download the package provided.

6. For photo options, you can change the application icon with your camera and with photos in your gallery.

7. For apps you can use another application icon to change the icon of the application that you are going to change.

8. Well I’ll show you how to change the icon with a photo in the gallery.

9. Usually for the first time you will be asked to watch an ad first to open the Gallery feature .

10. Then click Gallery, then you will be taken to your gallery. Then choose an image for the new icon that you will use.

11. If you have, you can change the shape of the icon. It can be square, circle, rectangle, oval and obtuse angle square. If you have selected the icon, press Done in the upper right corner.

12. Then select ok again in the upper right corner. And wait for it to finish.

13. If you have seen on your homepage, there will be a new application shortcut with the new icon that you have changed. Done


Lots of applications are used to change the icon or application name on an Android phone, but this time using the X Icon Changer application which is fairly easy and fast to make changes. You can see for yourself the results of using the X Icon Changer application. Good luck 🙂

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