How to Access Free Online Courses on Android

How to Access Free Online Courses on Android

The COVID-19 outbreak was one of the most influential events on earth. In general, the COVID-19 epidemic is detrimental to humanity. One of them is detrimental in economic terms. Many employees / employees who were laid off and laid off from their respective companies. This indicates that there are many companies with smaller turnover.

For example in the United States. It was reported that 26 million employees were laid off by their offices. Likewise in Indonesia, there were 15 million employees who were laid off during the COVID-19 outbreak, as reported by the Deputy of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, the government began releasing Pre-Employment Cards as a means of employee training / courses being laid off so that they could be accepted again by the field of work that was of interest. But the government insisted that the program was paid.

There is an alternative to taking courses / training online apart from the government’s pre-employment card program, namely Coursera. Coursera is an online course service to improve people’s skills and abilities so they can be absorbed by the world of work. Coursera is here to provide online courses for free to the world. Here’s how to access online courses through Coursera.

1. Download the Coursera application , then open the application.

2. Select the ” LOG IN ” button to enter your Coursera account. You can use log in with your Facebook account.

3. Tap the ” Find a course ” button . Then select the button that says ” Find something to learn “.

4. There are various courses available at Coursera. Please choose what you are interested in.

5. To get a free course, please type and select the word ” free ” in the ” Search Catalog ” box .

6. Select one of the online courses you want to take.

7. To take further courses, tap the button labeled ” Enroll For Free ” at the bottom of the application.

8. Select the ” Enroll ” button to take the ongoing course.

9. Usually at the beginning of the course, there is an introduction or an overview of the online course that is followed. Tap the button labeled ” RESUME ” to display the video.

10. Next, there is an overview of the Unit or a general description of the course and skills that will be mastered after graduating from the course. Tap the words ” NEXT ITEM “.

The video was immediately played

11. When finished, it will usually be marked with a check mark. To check the progress of our online course, please check the ” Grades ” column as shown below.

This is how to access free online courses via Android. May be useful.

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