How to Activate Dark Mode in the Android Twitch Application

How to Activate Dark Mode in the Android Twitch Application

Twitch is a platform or application that is used to do live streaming activities . The live streaming can be done usually in the form of gaming live streams and streams that are normal, for example chatting with viewers. This Twitch application is very popular among gamers and world-class streamers . Many people use this Twitch application because this application is quite easy to use and can make money, just like when we do live streamingvia Youtube. But with a larger nominal amount of course due to using the dollar exchange rate. So that this system is suitable for you beginner streamers to be able to try this application.

Semacan live streaming activities are generally carried out live and within a long duration of live duration . So for those of you streamers who are doing live streaming through the Twitch platform , the existence of these activities can certainly make your eyes tired because they have to keep staring at the monitor screen for hours in playing a game. In addition, streaming viewers will also feel tired when watching live streams for quite a long duration.

But don’t worry, because in the Twitch application it also provides a dark mode feature . With the dark mode feature , the blue light emitted from the screen will be reduced so that the eye does not get tired quickly. So that on this occasion, the author will provide a tutorial on how to activate the Dark Mode feature on the Android Twitch application. As for the steps are as follows:

1. The first step, first download the Twitch application through the play store. If the installation process has finished, click Open.

Download  the Twitch application

2. Then you will directly enter the main menu application. The next step, click your account logo.

3. On the account settings page, select the “settings” logo at the top right edge. As for the next step, select enable dark mode.

4. The results can be seen in the image below. The picture below shows the Twitch application page with dark mode as well as the Twitch application page that has used the dark mode feature .

It is seen that by using the dark mode, the screen will appear dimmer so that it will be more comfortable for the eye to see for a long duration. Similarly, a tutorial on how to activate the dark mode feature on the Twitch android application. This feature can also apply to the Twitch application on the PC platform. May be useful.

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