How to Activate Data Saver in the Android Tiktok Application

How to Activate Data Saver in the Android Tiktok Application

Tiktok is a social media and music video platform that is currently popular in the world, including Indonesia. By using this application you can dance or make an interesting short video with the musical accompaniment that you like. In addition, Tiktok also provides many filters and effects that make people prefer this application compared to other applications similar to Tiktok.

For now, the Tiktok application can only be used in the form of applications that you can access via an Android or iOS smartphone. You need to know, that the Tiktok application uses quite a lot of internet quota, because indeed all the content displayed is in the form of video and by default the video displayed will be of high resolution.

This will certainly make your internet quota run out quickly, but you don’t need to worry. On this occasion we will give a tutorial on how to activate Data Saver in the Tiktok Android application, so that you can save the internet quota you have.

1. Please open the Tiktok application on your Android phone.

2. Then on the main page of the Tiktok application, press my menu at the bottom right.

3. On the profile page, please press the dot icon at the top right to enter the settings menu .

4. On the privacy & settings page, scroll down, then find and select the data saver menu .

5. Next, activate the data saver by pressing the toggle or slider on the right, until it is green.

6. You can see information at the bottom of the data saver menu, if the feature is activated, then the video in the Tiktok application will have a low resolution.

This is how to activate the Data saver in the Tiktok Android application . Now by using the data saver feature you can save on the internet quota that you have.

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