How to Activate InstaStory Notifications from Favorite Accounts on Instagram

By | May 3, 2020

How to Activate InstaStory Notifications from Favorite Accounts on Instagram

As a medium for sharing photos, Instagram has many users throughout the world. Having many users does not make Instagram to be complacent, this is evidenced by the new features that appear in the Instagram application. In addition to new features, it turns out Instagram also has tips and tricks that not many people know.

One of the latest tips and tricks on Instagram that many people don’t know about is to activate the InstaStory notification feature from your favorite account on Instagram. Previously, this notification feature was already on Instagram, but only applies to posts and IGTV. InstaStory is one of the features most loved by Instagram users since the end of 2016 until now. InstaStory (Your Story) is nothing but aimed at sharing everyday moments. Meanwhile, the notification feature is a notification feature of activities on Instagram such as uploads from accounts that you follow on Instagram or a response back from your followers. In addition to InstaStory, Instagram also provides notification settings for posting, IGTV, and live video broadcasts.

Then, how do you activate InstaStory notifications from another account on Instagram? It’s easy, just follow the steps below.

1. Open the Instagram application installed on your device.

2. Click the ‘ Search ‘ to find your favorite account.

3. Type your favorite account.

4. Click the ‘ dot three ‘ icon in the top right corner.

5. Search and select ‘ Manage Notifications ‘.

6. Turn on notifications for ‘ Story ‘. In addition to story notifications, we can also turn on notifications for posts, IGTV, and live video broadcasts. Choose notifications according to your needs.

7. Done.

That’s the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Activate InstaStory Notifications from Favorite Accounts on Instagram’. Good luck.

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