How to Activate Resting Mode on Xiaomi Phones

How to Activate Resting Mode on Xiaomi Phones

Often disturbed by notifications that appear when you are resting at night? Or disturbed by the brightness of the smartphone when going to sleep? Come on, use the rest mode on your Xiaomi phone, so you can rest comfortably.

Now all this can indeed be done with cellphones. Nothing is always related to what is called a smart phone. Starting from waking up to going to sleep again, most of us certainly cannot be separated from cellphones.

Especially for those of you who like social media, of course, will often get notifications or incoming notifications from social media that you use. There are times when notifications are very useful.

However, it is also very troublesome especially when we are resting at night. Instead of being useful, it is very disturbing and makes it difficult to sleep.

What’s more the color contrast that appears from the smartphone screen often makes our eyes hurt. Well, from the Xiaomi vendor very concerned about it.

Now it is pinning a very interesting feature that is a resting mode, which feature can help us sleep soundly and free from disturbing notifications. How do you activate it? Check out the review below.


1. The first step, make sure your Xiaomi phone has been upgraded to MIUI 11 if not, please upgrade first. If you have already tap the Settings menu then select Digital health menu & Parental control.

2. The second step, you will be directed to the next menu, scroll down and select the Rest Mode menu. Then tap the Use Rest Mode menu.

3. The third step, several settings will appear namely:
A: to set the start time from work break mode.
B: to set what day you want to activate for break mode.
C: to set the end time of break mode.
D: You can choose to make your samrtphone color become black and white by activating the Black & white slide button & the Do not disturb button to deactivate all notifications that enter during idle mode.

That is the tutorial for How to Activate Resting Mode on Xiaomi Phones. May be useful.