How to Activate Restricted Mode in the TikTok Application

How to Activate Restricted Mode in the TikTok Application

TikTok is a short video application that was released in September 2016 and was developed by a well-known technology company, Beijing ByteDance Technology . This application has become very popular in the world lately.

By using the TikTok application you can make an interesting short video with various filters and cool effects. Using the TikTok application is generally dominated by easy children, but not many minors use this application.

To maintain a positive and safe application experience for everyone, TikTok offers limited mode features. After this feature is activated, of course all the content in the TikTok application will be filtered and adjusted for children, which is certainly safe and positive.

If you are interested in activating the restricted mode feature, moreover if the application is often used by children or underage, please follow the steps on how to activate the Restricted Mode in the TikTok application below.

1. First, please open the TikTok application on your Android phone.

2. Next, on the main TikTok application page, press my menu at the bottom right.

3. Continue by pressing the menu or icon dot three on the top right .

4. In the privacy and settings menu, please search for and select the Digital Hygiene menu .

5. Then on the menu, please press the 2nd menu or the Limited Mode menu .

6. Continue by pressing the Activate Restricted Mode Button at the bottom.

7. Here you will be asked to enter a 4-digit password and press next.

8. Then fill in the password again, in the password confirmation column and press next.

9. Until here the limited mode has been activated, you will be redirected directly to the main page and at the top the message will appear limited mode is activated.

This is how to activate Restricted Mode in the TikTok application . After activating the limited mode feature, you don’t need to worry anymore when your child or minors use the application because of the contents of the TikTok application. May be useful.

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