How to Activate Safe Driving Mode in the Zoom Mobile Application

The Zoom application is one of the most influential video conferencing applications in today’s conditions. The existence of this application allows us to communicate with other people virtually in a network and remotely. So nowadays, this application is often used for various purposes, both formal, such as meetings (online meetings), webinars and online learning , to informal ones such as chatting with other people. The Zoom application is an application that is quite popular along with other video conferencing applications such as Google Meet.


Currently Zoom is available in various versions, starting from the desktop version (main) to the mobile version For the mobile version itself, which can be used on smartphone devices , it is very suitable for people who are busy and have high mobility, but can still participate in activities such as meetings, discussions and others. So that in this mobile version , Zoom provides a feature that is quite functional, namely the safe driving mode .

By optimizing some of its systems so that it allows people to stay focused on driving while following the activities in Zoom . In this tutorial, we will teach you how to activate safe driving mode in the mobile version of Zoom .

Important: This feature is only available in the mobile version of the Zoom application If the Zoom application on a smartphone does not have this feature, you need to upgrade to the latest version first


1. Open the mobile version of the Zoom application  on your smartphone device

2. Then after entering the application home page, select the settings menu

3. In the Settings menu , select the Meeting tab

4. Then on this tab, there are lots of settings in it. Scroll down the page until you find the Safe Driving Mode setting .

5. Then activate the menu. When this mode is activated you need to press before speaking in Zoom . Additionally your video camera (facecam) will be disabled. The goal is that you can still focus on driving.


Thus this tutorial. As a note, the safe driving feature is very useful for those of you who are on a trip (using a car), but at that time you also have to attend a seminar or meeting. So by activating this feature, you can talk or listen to meetings zoom safely without reducing the focus when you drive. May be useful.

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