How to Activate the Tab Preview Feature in Google Chrome

Google chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. Besides being rich in features, this browser also has a fairly clean and attractive appearance. Besides being able to be used on a PC, the Google Chrome browser is also available for mobile devices.

There are many features that you can use in the Google Chrome browser, one of which is the Experiments feature. The Experiments page allows you to try all the features that some are not automatically available in the browser.

One feature that you can activate on the experiments page is the Tab Hover Cards feature or the preview tab. By using the feature, each time you hover your cursor over one of the tabs, a preview image of the currently opened web will appear.

To use the tab preview feature or the hover card tab, there are 2 settings that you must activate on the experiments page, namely the hover cards tab and the hover card images tab. If you are interested in trying it, please follow the following tutorial.

1. First, please open the Google Chrome browser on your laptop or computer.

2. Next, in the address bar, please type chrome: // flags / and press enter.

3. In this section you will automatically go to the Google chrome Experiments page .

4. Then, please type the hover cards tab in the search field provided.

5. Later, you will see the Tab Hover Cards menu , then press the dropdown on the right and select the enabled option .

6. Continue by typing the hover card images tab in the search field above.

7. Then you will see the hover card images tab menu , press the dropdown on the right and select the enabled option .

8. Until here you have successfully activated the preview tab feature , to see the results you have to restart the chrome browser, you can press the relaunch menu that appears at the bottom or can be closed and then reopen the chrome browser.

9. To use the tab preview feature , you only need to point the cursor to one of the tabs that open in the Chrome browser and a preview tab will appear from the website pages that open in the tab, as shown below.

That’s how to activate the tab preview feature in Google Chrome . With this feature you can more easily see the process of the web that you are open without having to switch tabs. May be useful.

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