How to Activate the Telegram Voice Chat Feature

Tired of sending regular chats ? Well, on Telegram you can try Voice Chat or Voice Chat to make your chat activities even more exciting.


Telegram is increasingly becoming a popular chat application. Not only because it is a reliable application regarding privacy, the features that exist can be said to be quite satisfying and still superior to other similar applications.

Due to the increasing number of users, some time ago Telegram improved the performance of their application by adding a new feature, namely Voice Chat . What is the meaning of Voice Chat and how do I use this feature? Read more below.


Of course we chat application users are already familiar with the name Voice Call , yes, this has also been in telegram for a long time. And now Telegram also provides a new feature, namely Voice Chat . Even though they both look similar, they both have significant differences.

The Voice Chat feature is the same feature as sending chat with plain text only using voice. Almost similar to voice call, right? Voice Chat activity is very similar to the features of the Discord application. Where we can chat with our teammates in the game .

Interestingly, the Voice Chat feature makes it easy for us to join the chat at any time without having to wait for invitations from other users to enter the chat.


1. Previously this feature could only be used on groups or channels and also applies to admins. If you understand, tap on the group name then tap the 3 dots icon on the group description menu.

2. Several menu options will appear, just tap Start Voice Chat . Next, a podcast duck image will appear or a pop up menu, select Start Voice Chat .

3. When the microphone image appears and the text ” You’re Live ” means that voice chat can be used. You can invite friends to join by tap Invite Member . Then, in order to do other activities on the smartphone, tap the overlay button . Well, later you will be taken to the Voice Chat Overlay menu , tap Enable to activate.


Voice chat is perfect for those of you who are looking for a new atmosphere in chatting . In addition, Voice Chat users on Telegram can also carry out other activities with the Overlay feature on the Voice Chat .

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