How to Activate WhatsApp Quick Reply

How to Activate WhatsApp Quick Reply & QuickBall Feature on Xiaomi

Do you want to reply to WhatsApp messages quickly without entering the application while using other applications or playing games ? Or want to add WhatsApp to Quick Ball ? Come on, try the Xiaomi feature to facilitate your WhatsApp activities.

Are you a Xiaomi user? If yes you are one of the lucky ones. How not now Xiaomi mobile phone is one of the vendors with the best-selling smartphone sales today. This is certainly not without reason, Xiaomi is much sought after because it provides quality smart phones at affordable prices.

Besides having a pretty good and attractive hardware , Xiaomi also equips its smartphone with advanced features. Xiaomi really understands the desires of its users. Well, one of them is by pinning the feature of quick reply and Quick Ball or shortcut ball.

Xiaomi’s quick reply feature that is present in MIUI 11 has the advantage we can reply to messages directly without having to open the application while opening another application. For Quick ball itself, we can also add important application shortcuts like WhatsApp so that they can access them quickly.

So for those of you who are also xiaomi users and want to use these 2 features, directly refer to the review below.


1. The first step, go directly to the Settings menu or settings on your Xiaomi smartphone then select the Special Features menu then tap the Quick Reply menu.

2. The second step, activate the Quick reply menu then select any application that supports to be able to do a quick reply to WhatsApp. In this tutorial I tried YouTube.

3. The third step, open YouTube when there are incoming messages from WhatsApp just tap it. A small window will appear that will make you not have to exit the YouTube application to reply to the chat message .

4. The fourth step, to add WhatsApp to Quickball, just tap the Settings menu again. Then select Additional settings and then select Shortcut ball.

5. Step five, tap Select shortcut then select one of the shortcuts.

6. Step six, select the Apps menu and make sure to choose WhatsApp. Well, the WhatsApp application will automatically be added to the Quick ball menu .

That is the tutorial for how to activate WhatsApp’s Quick Reply & QuickBall Reply feature on Xiaomi. May be useful.