How to add lyric music in Facebook feed & story posts

Creating music stories on Facebook may be familiar, but what if we embed music in our Facebook  feed posts ? For those of you who don’t know how, check out the full review below.


Facebook is also one of the social media that cannot be underestimated. Facebook users are spread all over the world, making Facebook also one of the most popular social media today. Even so, unfort,unately there are still many users who don’t know interesting tricks and tips about using Facebook.

Facebook itself, if calculated since it was first launched to this day. Countless features have been developed on the platform. There are so many unique ways to maximize the use of Facebook.

How to add lyric music in Facebook feed & story posts

Many of us are probably already familiar with the story feature. Indeed, almost all social media today have a story. Not wanting to miss this feature, Facebook has also adopted some of its features, which are not much different from stories on other social media.

Some time ago, Facebook provided a music feature in the stories in its application. Now the developer is also adding a music feature to the content of Facebook feed posts, whether it’s posting photos or videos.

Image content that was previously silent or silent. Indeed, it can be more unique and can be enjoyed if there is music that can be listened to.

Music is indeed a universal language, and apart from being able to influence the atmosphere of music, it also adds to the branding of the content we upload. The interesting thing is that the music that we make back sound can later be included in the lyrics. So more interesting is not it? Interested in trying it?


Music in Feed Posts

1. Tap directly on the pic or picture icon on your Facebook homepage. Then tap on the image or photo that you uploaded to enter the editing menu.

2. To add music and lyrics, tap the music icon at the top. Then select the music you want to use. Make sure to choose a song with a Lyrics mark so that later the song lyrics can appear.

3. You can tap the aa icon to change the lyrics to a text model, or choose another form of music card. Tap the star icon to select a different lyric from the currently playing song.

Music in Story

1. Tap the Story menu or Create Story, then select the Music menu that appears at the top.

2. Similar to posts on feed content, to bring up the lyrics, select the song with the Lyrics mark. Next set the background with the colour that has been provided at the bottom.

3. Use the Color palette at the top to change the Lyrics’ colour. The other menus are still the same as the music card and also the star icon to change the lyrics. Finally, tap the Share menu to share the lyric music story that you have made.

Making posts with music is indeed more interesting than posting content without music. Well, you can try the above method so that your post becomes more interesting and enjoyable.

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