How to Add Other Country Languages ​​on the Android Gboard

How to Add Other Country Languages ​​on the Android Gboard

GBoard is a virtual keyboard application developed by Google for Android and IOS devices. No different from other applications, GBoard also has many useful features. From starting to make GIF images to display various types of languages.

With the internet, your world will automatically become wider. Coupled with the existence of social media will increase your friendship abroad. If you are friends with someone from another country who still uses the QWERTY writing, it certainly doesn’t matter, but what happens if your friends come from countries like Arabic, Japan, Korea, and even Russia. Even though you understand the message they are sending, it’s a shame if you don’t reply just because your virtual typewriter doesn’t support writing text in that language.

As a company whose products are used throughout the world, Google has made it familiar with almost every language in the world both national and regional languages. To make it easier for users, Google includes the advantages (multi-language) in one of its products, namely GBoard or Google Keyboard. Thus Gboard users can more easily send messages using other languages.

Then, how do you display other languages ​​on the GBoard keyboard? It’s easy, let’s just follow a few easy steps below.

1. Open the ‘ Settings ‘ menu on your smartphone .

2. Search and select ‘ Additional Settings ‘. Click the side arrow icon ‘ Keyboard & Input Method ‘.

3. Select and click the side arrow icon ‘ Gboard ‘. Then appear ‘ Settings / Settings ‘ GBoard. To add other languages ​​on GBoard select the ‘ Language ‘ feature .

4. Click the ‘ Add Keyboard ‘ button to search for other languages. Select the language you want to add.

5. Before adding a language to GBoard, GBoard will display a preview of GBoard with that language display. Click the ‘ Finish ‘ button . Now, the language has been added to GBoard.

6. To see the results, open any chat application on your device that will bring up the GBoard keyboard. Click on the write text column to bring up the GBoard board. Click and long press the ‘Globe’ icon to change the letters on the GBoard keyboard. Here I will choose Korean. Done. now the GBoard keyboard turns into Korean letters.

7. How is it? Very easy right? By using the same method as above, you can add languages ​​from other countries on the GBoard keyboard as needed.

Thus the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Add Other Country Languages ​​on the Gboard’. Good luck.