How to Add Stickers Together at Home on WhatsApp

Have you tried the new WhatsApp Shared stickers at home? If you haven’t, let’s try the excitement of WhatsApp stickers made by WHO.

During the lockdown and restriction due to the Corona pandemic this year, of course, various layers of society and everyone needs enthusiasm to face these difficult times. Especially for those of us who might like to wander or rarely be at home.

It must be heavy and uncomfortable to be in the house all the time. But the WhatsApp developer understands this and makes the messaging app even more interesting by presenting new stickers.

Recently WhatsApp has released a sticker titled “Together at home” to support its users in conducting social distancing .

The sticker is a collaboration of WhatsApp with WHO or commonly called the World Health Organization . Interestingly the sticker is also present in Indonesian. Certainly makes it even more exciting when used in chatting with friends.

Well, for those of you who are interested in trying it just follow the tutorial below.

1. The first step, make sure your WhatsApp application has been updated . Then just open the WhatsApp application and open a chat with one of your friends and then tap the smiley icon .

2. The second step, select the sticker icon below and then tap the plus or add icon on the side. Then all you have to do is look for a sticker titled “Together at Home”

3. The third step, you just download and then use the sticker as usual so that your chat more exciting.

More or less as above how to use the sticker “Together at Home”, how easy is not it? That’s it for the tutorial this time, don’t forget to read other interesting tutorial articles on softsed.