How to Add Twibbon to Photos on Android PicsArt

Twibbon is a photo frame with a unique design, where the center is transparent with the png file format. Twibbon is generally used to promote an event or as a form of our participation in an event. Then how do you combine or attach a twibbon frame to a picture or photo? To be able to combine and paste, we can do it easily on a smartphone . Actually to show twibbon in photos there are tons of photo editor applications available on the Play Store, but there are only two of the most popular applications for combining and pasting twibbon frames in photos: the PicsArt and Canva applications.

Armed with the PicsArt or Canva application which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store, we can now display twibbon on photos. Both of these applications are known for being the most simple and easy to use. But this time, we just tried to combine and paste the Twibbon image with the PicsArt application.

PicsArt application is a photo editor application that is user-friendly or easy to use. So easy, we can make a variety of displays and effects in photos. You can also easily make your photos turn beautiful by only using the PicsArt application.

Then, how do you make a photo with twibbon photo frames in PicsArt? No need to wait anymore, let’s just follow a few simple steps below.

1. First prepare a picture of twibbon that you can download for free on the internet. You only need to type the keyword ‘ twibbon ‘, and there will be many websites that offer free twibbon. Or you can download the twibbon that I use.

Download  Twibbon

2. Download the free PicsArt application on the Play Store and install the application on your device.

3. Open the application. Click the ‘ + ‘ icon to start photo editing. Search for Photos and click ‘ All Photos ‘ to find the photo you want to add twibbon to.

4. Resize the photo, click the ‘ Tools ‘ icon → select ‘ Crop Image ‘. Set the shape of the photo and click check.

5. Add a photo frame, click the ‘ Add Photos ‘ icon → find a photo frame. Click and hold the arrow icon in the upper right corner to adjust the size of the frame.

6. After getting the appropriate photo frame size, the last only need to display the photo object behind the photo frame. Find and click ‘ Mix ‘ → select ‘ Expand ‘. Click check. Click the arrow icon in the upper left corner to share your twibbon photos on social media.

7. Done, very interesting right ?.

Thus the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Edit Twibbon on PicsArt’. Good luck.

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