How to Adjust Android Volume Through Notification Bar

How to Adjust Android Volume Through Notification Bar

Generally smartphones that appear on the market have a special button that is used to adjust the volume on the right side of the cellphone. Usually there are 2 buttons available, the buttons to increase and decrease the volume.

The use of volume buttons on Android phones that are too frequent and not careful can certainly make these buttons often cause problems, ranging from hard pressed, up or down excessive volume to not function.

If there has been a problem with the volume button on the Android cellphone, of course you will have difficulty adjusting the volume on the Android cellphone. However, just take it easy, if the problem occurs, you can adjust the volume without pressing a button but through the notification bar like the following.

How to Adjust Android Volume Through Notification Bar

1. First, please install the Volume Notification application through Play Store.

You have to wait 1min.

Download Volume Notification

2. Next, open the Volume notification application that you installed earlier and give the necessary permissions.

3. On the start page of the volume notification application, you will see several volumes that are already available or active.

4. To activate other volumes you can press the volume options, then enter a name and activate the toggle or slider at the top right.

5. To start adjusting the volume of the notification bar, you can open the notification bar by swiping from top to bottom, then you will see several icons of the volume that you have activated earlier.

6. Press one of the volume you want to adjust and a volume indicator will appear on the right and you can adjust the volume or volume of the sound ..

Thus How To Adjust Android Volume Through Notification Bar . In this way it is certainly very easy for you to adjust the volume of the android cellphone, if the volume buttons on your cellphone often experience