How to Auto Delete Media Files on Telegram

Not only as a means of sending text and telephone messages, both the WhatsApp application and the Telegram application have many other benefits. Like sending media files, photos, videos, songs, or other files / files. However, it seems that the two chat applications are becoming increasingly popular; WhatsApp and Telegram developers want to make the application light and not eat up device memory.


After previously the WhatsApp application issued the Manage Storage feature, now it is the turn of the Telegram application to issue the Storage Usage feature. These two features both function to delete media files, be it photos, videos, songs, or other files / files. 

But even though these two features have similar benefits, they actually have some differences. One of them is that if the WhatsApp application you have to delete media files based on chat; in the Telegram application you can activate the auto delete all media files feature in all chats. Interestingly, you can download the media files again if needed.


1. First upgrade the Telegram application to the latest version. If so, just open the Telegram application on your device. 

2. After that, click the three lines icon in the upper right corner of the main Telegram application page. Find and click the Settings menu , then select the Data and Storage menu . 

3. In the Data and Disc Usage folder , click the Storage Usage menu . On this Storage Usage menu, there are three features that function to save usage on your device, namely Save Media Device Storage , and Delete Local Databases .

4. The Save Media feature  allows you to delete media files (photos, videos, and other files) automatically based on the selected time period. There are four time periods provided by the Telegram application, namely 3 days 1 week 1 month , and forever .

So if you choose a time period of 3 days, then in the next 3 days the media files on your Telegram account will be automatically deleted on your device. However, you can still get the media files back to the deleted media files by downloading the files again.

5. The Device Storage feature is used to delete cache or junk files in the Telegram application. Click Clear cache to delete junk files in your Telegram app.

6. Meanwhile, the Delete Local Database feature functions to delete stored messages and reduce the size of the database. Click on Delete Local Database and select Delete.


That’s a simple tutorial how to activate the automatic media file delete feature in the Telegram application. Apart from deleting media files automatically, you can also delete cache files and delete messages stored in the Telegram application.

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