How to Automatically Type Using Voice on an Android Phone

Along with the advancement of time and technology, there are lots of useful applications that are made to simplify people’s daily activities. One such useful application is the Speechnotes application.


The Speechnote application serves to convert voice into text. Maybe on the Play Store there are lots of them that provide the same benefits as the Speechnotes application. But when it comes to results, the Speechnotes application has the best results because it has the smallest errors compared to other applications. Text errors recorded by voice can occur due to the number of people speaking in one room / place or the low voice / vocals of the speaker.


In everyday life, there are many situations where you have to listen to information or explanations from other parties. To be able to reduce the risk of mishearing or missing information or explanations, the Speechnotes application will really help your activities.

Interestingly, besides you will get the full text of the information you are listening to, you can also send the text of the information to chat applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.


1. First download an application called Speechnotes on the Play Store. After the application is successfully installed, open the Specchnotes application to immediately use the application.

2. First set the language to be used, click the three dot icon in the upper right corner and select the Switch Language feature . Select the language you want to use, if you want to use Indonesian, just click Indonesian.

3. Meanwhile, to use the application, you simply click the microphone icon to record sound, and let the application listen to the speech you want to use as text. The results of the voice recording will be automatically converted into text. Click the pause icon to end voice recording.

4. Now you can get more complete information from other people’s explanations. In addition to getting more complete information, you can also share this information with other people using chat media intermediaries such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

5. The method is very easy, you just press and block the text that contains the information, and then click Copy or Copy. Then Paste or Paste the information on the chat in the chat application. Done.

6. To change the language used, just click the flag icon and then select the language you want to use again.


By using the Speechnotes application, you can get more complete information than just listening to it. Besides being able to obtain more complete information, the information obtained will be more accurate and avoid the risk of misinformation.

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