How to backup disk data in Windows 10 without application

Backing up data is important to do. Almost all operating systems for both  mobile  and  desktop  have their own systems for backing up data. Even applications like  WhatsApp  have a back up procedure . By backing up data, we no longer need to worry about the possibility of losing data in the future. Why? Because we already have the  back up , so it is enough to use the back up again.

The principle of  backing up is similar to the process of storing data in a  game . You don’t need to repeat from the beginning to get to the   last stage when you return to playing your   favorite game . You just need to run the  last stage  you play, for example the game Bully (Jimmy Hopkins ), the author who always  sets  or saves during  Chapter III.

Just like operating systems and chat applications in general, Windows 10 has provided a system to make it easier for you to back up data.


Backing up data , is copying data stored in a device so that later the data can be used again, for example, the original data has a problem. The function of backing up data can be clearly understood as data backup. Every digital device such as a  smartphone  or computer has its own method of backing up data . One way that we may often do is  back up data with the help of  Google Drive.


1. Open Windows settings . In it, please switch to the Update & Security section  , Back up, and finally  Go Back up and Restore.

2. After pressing the button, you will be redirected to the Back up and Restore window box (Windows 7). Even though it is said to be Windows 7, the  results of backing up this data can still be used on Windows 10 . Select the Set up Back-up menu 

3. Select the  disk for  which you want to back up data. Here the author chooses the  disk T :. For the data backup location, the author chooses Save on a Network .

4. The author chooses the Browse  button and determines the location for storing data.

5. In the username  and password fields ,   enter the data accordin to your device username  and password  data . You can see the  username  in the Windows Settings  section  then  Accounts .

6. After the previous step is done, click  ext  to continue the process

7. A Set Up Backup window will appear . Here you can choose the options that Windows have set , or your own. The author chose  Let me Choose , then pressed the next button .

8. Next select the disk  we have chosen earlier, namely Disk T : . If you want to back up data from Disk C:  then in the third step you can select Disk C :.  Select the data on the  disk  that you want to back up .

9. After that you can see the backup settings that have been done again. If it is correct, then you can continue by pressing the Save Settings button and run backup.

10. The backup process   has been running. The duration of the process depends on the size of the data you have. To use the backup results  , you can do a  restore


Windows 10 has provided built-in features to make it easier for you to backup data. Even though this feature is a feature of Windows 7,  or an earlier version of Windows 10,  you can use the results of the process in Windows 10.  Hopefully this article will be of use to us.

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