How to Block a Number on Your Smartphone

How to Block a Number on Your Smartphone

Are you a beautiful girl who often gets fraudulent SMS interruptions from unknown numbers? Or are you a handsome guy who is dizzy from being called by girls who have a crush on you? No need to bother. Especially for you who use an Android smartphone from Xiaomi. You can use Xiaomi’s built-in features to block unknown phone numbers that often bother you.

If there are people who don’t stop sending you text messages that are not clearly defined, click the number / or name of the sender in your MIUI 8 SMS application. Then select Block.

How to Block a Telephone Number

The same way you can also use to block people who often call you. In the Phone application, click the contact’s name or contact number then select block. Now the contact you selected will enter the blocked contact list.

Already, as easy as turning the palm of the hand is not it? Now the contact you blocked will no longer be able to bother you by sending an SMS or calling you. Your life might be a little calmer after blocking them.

What if the people you block are actually people you know and only want to work on you?

How to Block a Telephone Number

Easy, you just need to unblock them. The trick is to enter the MIUI 8 security application. Then select “Block List> Select Contact> Delete Contact”. Done, the contact you selected is no longer blocked and can send SMS or call you again.

How to Block a Telephone Number

What about non-Xiaomi smartphone users?

You who use non-Xiaomi smartphones and want to block strangers from calling you anymore, can use third-party applications such as Call Blocker, CallerID, and Call Control.

Meanwhile, to block SMS from prankster, you can use applications such as SMS Blocker, SMS Blocker Lite and similar applications. There are a lot of SMS blocking applications on Google Play, although there aren’t as many singles in the world. You just need to find something that suits you best, like when you are looking for a partner.

Tips to avoid the annoyance of fad people

A few tips to avoid calling and texting from strangers: never spread your personal cellphone number on social media profiles, forums, blogs or websites. Because it is very vulnerable to being used by prankster with various purposes.

Yes, this method is also very effective for blocking your ex’s contacts who still frequently text and call for feedback. Good luck.

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