How to Block Latest Automatic WhatsApp Calls

Are you lazy to receive a call from someone on WhatsApp? Try the method below, to reject WhatsApp calls automatically.


Today’s smartphone has become a mandatory requirement that almost everyone fulfils. Smartphones themselves have many functions, ranging from the needs of photography, playing games, and looking for information to the main thing as a communication tool.

As a replacement for its predecessor, a smartphone, of course, carries the main function of communication. Although the way today is a little different because of the many communication applications provided on the Google Play Store.

One of the communication applications that people often use is WhatsApp. Of the many applications to date, WhatsApp is still the dream of many people when it comes to communication. Although initially this application was only limited to a fun chat tool, now WhatsApp has become a versatile application.


In its own use, WhatsApp is very easy and simple. Simply exchange a stored cell phone number or register on WhatsApp, and you can have conversations with other users.

Even though it is the most popular application for communication reasons, you can get annoyed with it. How not, if you are busy, or doing something then someone keeps calling you via WhatsApp, of course, it will be very annoying. Therefore, in this tip, Technowordl will share a way to automatically reject annoying WhatsApp calls.


1. For the first step, first download the Tools For WhatsApp application on the Play Store. Please type in the Play Store search to download the application.

If you have directly opened the Wa Tools application that has been installed.

2. When opening for the first time, you will be asked to grant access permission. Tap Allow on the pop-up menu that appears. Next on the Show menu above other applications select Tools for Whatsapp .

3. Enable the Allow menu to be displayed above other applications. Then on the Disable Calls menu, activate the Service menu.

4. Tap Tools for Whatsapp in the Notification Access menu, then tap or activate the Allow notification access menu in the Tools for Whatsapp application.

5. Tap the When Call Arrive menu, then to block incoming calls automatically tap or select the Just disable the call menu. Well, later the application will automatically work and block all incoming calls to your WhatsApp account.


If you are one of those people who like to spend more time with family or is a busy person, the above trick might help you a bit. With the above trick, you don’t need to press the button again because the system will automatically reject the call.

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