How to block website urls on Android and PC

Sometimes we may be annoyed with a website that we frequently visit, for example, the web makes us not focus on what we are doing, or maybe we even stray to a p** rn site. To outsmart this is by blocking the url from the web. To block the url do the following:

Block Website Url on Smartphone

Open the play store on your Android smartphone and install BlockSite.

Open the application and there will be instructions to activate accessibility for the BlockSite application. Please click “Go to Settings” and search for BlockSite and activate it.

  • Add url to block.
  • If you have clicked check.
  • Now the url you blocked will display a warning if opened. 

Blocking Website Url on PC

To block urls on PC you have to make sure you are a chrome user, and follow these steps:

  • Open in a browser and click available for chrome extension.
  • Add the BlockSite extension from the Chrome Webstore.
  • Accept the extension’s privacy policy.
  • Now you can block websites with this extension on google chrome. 

Enabling the Sync Feature

Please note that this sync feature allows synchronization between devices, to use this feature please follow the steps below.

  1. Please click the blocksite icon above the right of the browser, and a blocksite popup will appear, then click the settings / gear icon.
  2. Then click on Not sync with app.
  3. Now click yes.
  4. Later a QR Code will appear. Scan the QR Code with the application on the smartphone by tapping the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner> Settings> Sync BlockSite> Scan then scanning the QR Code earlier.

That’s the way to block urls or the web on smartphones or PCs, there is also a feature to block adult applications and content which is very important so you don’t have to worry if you suddenly open adult content. Although there are still many ways, that’s the simplest way in my opinion.

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