How To Change And Set The Length Of Instagram Reels Video

The Reels Instagram feature is one of the newest features and features that are being loved by users of the Instagram application today. Through Reels Instagram, users can create various kinds of video content which, apart from being equipped with effects; Users can also add music to videos without the need to use additional applications or download songs.


But did you know that on Reels Instagram; You also set the duration of the video. From 15 seconds, you can reduce the video duration to a minimum of 0.01 seconds. In addition, you can set the video countdown time.

There are two countdown time options provided by the Instagram application, namely 3 seconds and 10 seconds. You can also adjust the speed of your Instagram Reels videos.


1. Open the Reels menu and tap the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Reels menu to create a new video.

2. To change/set the length of the Reels video, tap the down arrow icon in the Reels features, and then select the filter named Timing Hint .

Here, the video has a maximum duration of 15 seconds. To reduce the duration of the video, swipe left on the pink box , and set the time you want to apply to your Instagram video reels.

3. In this feature, you also set the countdown time . By default, Instagram has a countdown time of 3 seconds and 10 seconds. Click on the 3 seconds column to change it to 10 seconds; and tap on the 10 seconds column to change it to 3 seconds.

When you’re done setting the video duration and setting the countdown time, tap the Apply Timing button . Done, tap on the Reels icon to instantly create a video with the time duration that you set earlier.

4. In addition, set the time duration in video Reels; You can also adjust the speed of your Reels video. Just tap the Speed feature , and then select your Reels video speed time.

There are five video speed options provided by the application namely .3 , .5 , 1 , 2 , and 3 . Choose the video speed according to your video reels. Tap on the Reels icon to instantly create a video at the selected speed.


That’s a tutorial on how to set the duration of your Reels video. In addition, you can also activate the countdown feature before recording a video, and set the speed of your Reels video.