How to Change Redmi Fonts to Like iPhone Without Additional Applications

Are you a Xiaomi phone user? Tired of the original look of the font on your smartphone? Well, follow the tutorial below to change the font of your Xiaomi phone to be like an iPhone.


Xiaomi phones are one of the most popular mobile phones used by many users today. If anyone asks why Xiaomi phones can be this popular, the answer is of course simply because the price is quite balanced with the specifications embedded in every cellphone made by Xiaomi. Not only that, Xiaomi is also known as the 3rd largest smartphone distributor in the world.

Another basic reason could be that Xiaomi phones have more advantages when compared to other vendors.


Xiaomi has an Os system which is named MIUI. MIUI itself is famous for its quite interesting customization. In fact, many Xiaomi fans are free to repair Xiaomi phones so that they look more attractive. There are many customizations that can be done starting from the appearance of the menu, wallpaper, and ringtones to fonts.

As smartphone users, some of us will definitely get bored when we see that font – that’s all on our favourite cell phones. Fonts or letters are also the main attraction on the Smartphone display.

Well, like the title above, our Xiaomi phones are equipped with a feature to change the font directly. For those of you who are bored with the original font, now is the time to change your regular font to be like an iPhone.


1. First, you can go directly to the Themes application on your Xiaomi Smartphone, respectively. Next, please select the icon in the bottom menu bar. Then tap the search icon to find the iOS-like font that you will use.

2. Look for a font called Realiox, then select the bold Realiox font. Then you will be directed to the description of the Realiox font, tap the free menu to start downloading.

3. After the download is complete, tap the Apply menu and a pop-up will appear, tap the Restart menu to start using the font. In addition to using a theme, you can also use other methods by going to the Settings menu and then selecting Display.

4. On the Display menu, select the Font menu, then after that, you will be forwarded to a page like a theme application and you just have to find and download the font that you will use.


The interface or user interface of MIUI does have its own characteristics. But maybe many of us don’t like the look of the original font model provided by Xiaomi dev. For that, you can do the above method to further beautify the appearance of your smartphone with fonts such as on iPhone phones without having to be complicated or using third-party applications.

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