how to change telegram to cloud storage

Your smartphone memory is often full because of too much stored data? Well, let’s just save all your data in cloud storage on Telegram. 

In Indonesia, we know a lot about chat or messenger applications . Among them and the most popular and many people use are Facebook Messenger and also WhatsApp. These two applications, which are still one roof, really dominate the world of instant messaging today. However, there is one more application that you should not miss, namely Telegram.


Telegram is not much different from other instant messaging apps, but what makes Telegram stand out even more is that it’s the only messenger app that’s quite flexible. Why can it be said that it is flexible because you can add new features without having to wait for updates from the developer . What’s more, Telegram uses the cloud feature in its application so we don’t have to worry if we save quite a lot of messages.


Nowadays, you must be familiar with the name cloud storage . We use it a lot to store many things besides being easy, of course it is also very useful because it makes smartphone memory relieved. We just need to download it at any time when we need the file. However, every site that provides cloud storage features has a storage limit. Where we can no longer store data if the storage quota has run out, or we will be asked to upgrade the account to get an additional quota.

But not many people know that telegram has unlimited and free cloud storage . Well, we can take advantage of Telegram’s cloud storage to store our personal data. Then how.


1. The first step, you just open your Telegram application, then tap the search field and type ” @folders_bot .

2. If you have tap the Start menu at the bottom. Then tap the Language menu again . Later, 2 options will appear, just select the English one .

3. Well, here are automatically available 5 folders or Path. You can directly upload the file or open the path first. If you have sent the file, you can also name the file by tapping Set a name .

4. Tap Account Management to manage your account, from adding a new account to recovering accounts . Tap New Folder to create a new folder .

5. To download files that have been neatly stored, type or send a message to bot / start . Then tap the My file menu , if you have searched the folder where you saved the file .

Tap on the file name, if it has been downloaded, immediately tap on the file to save it to the gallery.


So with this feature, we no longer need to be afraid to save files until they run out of quota or storage space. Besides not consuming memory, you can add multiple accounts at once.

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