How to Change the Default Android Application

How to Change the Default Android Application

As an android user , you must often install several applications with the same function. Examples are browsers, music players, video players, and document editing applications. Indeed, sometimes we need 2 or more applications despite having the same function. For example when reading the news, I prefer to use the default browser MIUI 8 rather than using Google Chrome.

What is the default application?

The default application is the application used by default when performing certain tasks. For example, when you click on the link from the WhatsApp message, the names of the browsers installed on your Android smartphone will appear. For example you have Google Chrome and the default browser, then Android will display both browsers which will be used to open the link.

If you choose Google Chrome as the default browser application, then the next time you click on a link (from any application) will directly use Google Chrome that you chose, without displaying the names of other browsers.

Another example is when your Android smartphone is installed in more than one office application, for example Microsoft Word and WPS Office. Then every time you open a Word document, Android will display the two applications. Ask which application you want to use to view and edit it. And if you choose one of these applications as the default application, the next time you open a Word file will immediately use the application.

But over time, we want to change the default application from application a to application b. As an example of the case above, you want to open a link using the default browser rather than Google Chrome. But, we’ve made Google Chrome the default browser application. So no choice will appear using the default browser when clicking on a link on Android.

How do you delete the defaults for an application?

Actually, the method is quite easy but there are still many who are confused. The first thing to do is open the settings then select the application option> select the application that you have previously made the default application. At the bottom of the application info, click “Delete default”.

Well, now the application is no longer the default application. This method applies to all android applications. Whether it’s a music player application, video player, image viewer, or other applications. This method also applies to all types and brands of android smartphones.

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