How to Change the Notification Pop Up

Notifications are one of the most important things in a smartphone . Well, if you plan to change it, inwepo will share a trick to make the notification pop up more cool and interesting at the bottom of the screen.


Smartphones are closely related to applications. Yes, there are many applications available, there are default applications and additional applications that we can easily download via Google Play or the App Store for iPhone. Almost all of these applications will bring up what is called a notification or what we call Notifications. But what we often see may be notifications from social media applications or the like because we often use these applications nowadays.


Notifications are indeed quite important and exist on smartphones . These notifications make it easier for us if there are notifications such as new messages coming in or other things that we may need to know. In addition, we are also easier and faster to access certain applications when the notification appears.

It is likely that most users are still loyal and relaxed using old notifications on their smartphones . However, some others may want a little change, to make it look unique, attractive and elegant. Generally, notifications appear at the top of the phone screen, this time you can make them appear at the bottom of the screen.

Well, for those of you who can’t wait to have more interesting and unusual notifications, you can try the method below.


1. First you have to download an application called Edge Mask.

2. Open the Edge Mask application that is already installed on your smartphone , then activate all existing permissions access. Then swipe right in the Messages menu, select Ripple style and then tap the line icon next to it to go to the advanced menu.

3. Tap the Align menu below to place the notification position at the bottom. You can also adjust the transparency of the notification by sliding the Transparency menu. For those of you who like effects, you can add edge lighting or twinkling effects in the Effects menu .

4. Finally on the Advanced Settings menu , activate Wake Screen then activate the AOD menu . Don’t forget to activate the system heads up block . Later it looks more or less like below.


How, interesting is not it? The method is quite simple to change the notification style. You can adjust or change it at any time if you get bored. Good luck !

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