How to Change Voice When Calling on Android

How to Change Voice When Calling on Android

Although  Android smartphones are known to be sophisticated, their use is not only for playing games and selfies. Its basic function is still there and is still maintained, namely the function of calling and texting. But day by day the technological sophistication is just getting more and more. An example of that sophistication is that one can change our own voice when making phone calls.

So when you make a phone call, later your voice can be changed to the voice of a child, the voice of a person whose bass is big, or whatever it is. You can make settings when you have installed the
application. Although this method can make exclamation, but it is not recommended for illegal use. Remember, you will suffer the consequences if you do activities that violate the law.

To be able to use this method, the requirement is that you only have to have an Android smartphone . Secondly, you must have an internet connection on your smartphone  . Yes, please, to download the application, of course. Alright, let’s just start this tutorial so you’re not curious,

How to Change Your Voice When Calling on Android

1. First, install the application called Voice Call Changer in the Play Store.

You have to wait 1min.

Download Voice Call Changer(No avaible in palystore

2. After the installation process is complete, the next step is to open the application.

How to Change Your Voice When Calling on Android

3. Time for action. After the application is open, then you can directly call with credit given by the application for free. The credit will automatically enter your application so you can use it to make a call.

4. The way to call is as follows: Open the application, then enter the telephone number you want to go to. The switch pushes the Call button , which is marked by a picture of the telephone receiver in green.

5. Now, if you have connected you can change the sound that you will use to replace the original sound.

Congratulations, now you can play with your friends by changing your voice when making phone calls with them. That’s how you change your voice when you call on Android.

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