how to change volume style on android

Do you want to display the volume of your android like an iPhone? or want to be like other smartphones ? The method is very easy, friends, let’s just head over to the full article below.

The more smartphones or smart phones we know in this modern era are getting more sophisticated. We can almost do many things thanks to smartphones. Thanks to the Android operating system, which continues to be developed from year to year, the hardware is arguably quite tough in its class and the availability of various applications with very diverse functions. Thanks to that, all smartphones always accompany our daily activities.


In smartphones, of course, we know the hardware (hardware or external components) and software (system or software) on the chip of the smartphone . When talking about software or systems on Android, there are many systems that regulate the performance of the smartphone itself. For example, such as a system at volume where the system regulates volume performance and also the display of the volume on the smartphone screen .


The volume itself is also the most important part of a smartphone . How not, when listening to songs, watching movies , or calling, we must be in direct contact with the name volume . Well, this volume also has a varied layout , almost every brand has its own characteristics about volume . Some are in the form of a square box, extending sideways up or down and many other views.

Because the android system is easy to customize, the volume style or volume bar can be customized at will. For those of you who are impatient and want to replace like those of other smartphone vendors , you can try the method below.


1. Install the prior application Volume Style on Google Play.

2. Open the Volume Style application then tap . START menu . You will be directed to the Accessibility section, select and enable accessibility from the Volume Style application .

3. There are tons of volume styles that you can choose from. Here I chose the iOs version, you can also customize the volume style that you have selected using the menu at the bottom. To create your own volume style , just tap CREATE STYLE .

4. Now, you will be faced with 3 menus to create your own volume style. Use the SLIDER , SLIDER LAYOUT and PANEL menus to customize the volume styles that you will create. You can also use volume styles that have been created by other creators by tapping Style Feed .


We can easily change the appearance of the volume bar at will. In addition, there are many templates from other volume bar creators that make your volume display different from the others.

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