How to Change WhatsApp’s Unique Voice Note and Status Splitter

Want to upload a long status? Or want to surprise your friends with a unique VN? Now you don’t need additional applications, you can use 2 split video features and VN changer directly from WhatsApp.


How many Chat applications are there installed on your smartphone ? The answer may vary in one application or more than two. Although there are many, the choice of many people falls on WhatsApp because it is easy to operate WhatsApp and also the application is quite light.

Almost everyone, of course, knows that WhatsApp is an application that is still one roof with Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, we find that many features are almost the same in the three Medsos applications. Well, one of them is the stories feature on Instagram and Facebook then the status for WhatsApp.

Of the three features, they have the same function, namely displaying content posts which will disappear automatically within 24 hours.


Talking about WhatsApp, the status feature is only allowed to upload content less than or equal to 30 seconds. More than that, we are required to create a new status again and adjust it to the previous time. It’s quite complicated, but in WhatsApp itself, it doesn’t provide a video split feature for quite a long status.


Then how to send a status that is long and hassle-free? You only need one application here, namely FM WhatsApp. This modded version of WhatsApp has a hidden feature which is not yet available in the official version of WhatsApp. Besides being able to be used to split live videos , you can also change your vn voice to another sound easily and without the help of other applications.


1. First download the Wa mod application here and install it on your respective smartphone. Don’t forget to log in to your WhatsApp account.

2. Scroll to the status menu, then there you will see the scissors icon . Tap the scissors icon then you will be prompted to select a video with a long enough duration from your gallery to be split . Automatically the split results will be immediately sequential to be sent to the status.

3. To change the VN voice, go directly to one of your friends’ chats , then tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Later several menus will appear, just select Voice Changer .

4. Select the type of voice you will use, then send the voice note as usual. Later the VN that we send will have a unique sound like the one you chose before.


This is the tutorial on how to split WhatsApp status videos and also change the voice note sound without the need for another application. Here you only need to use one Mod application which includes 2 features that are not yet available on the official WhatsApp application.

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