How to Change Your Facebook Name

How to Change Your Facebook Name

How to Change Your Facebook Name – There are a number of good reasons to change your Facebook account name Maybe you are using a new surname and you want your profile to reflect your new name. Or maybe you don’t want to use your childhood nickname and want to use your real name instead. Or maybe you just need a few changes to improve your Facebook name.
Why you want to change your Facebook name is your personal business. But how to change the name of FB is something you need to know if you still want to change the name you are using now. This article will teach you how to change your Facebook name (FB) to be approved.

1.How to Change Facebook Name (FB)

To do this is actually very easy. There is nothing special you need to do to be able to change your Facebook name. Just do the following steps to be successful.
  1. Learn the standard names that Facebook allows above.
  2. Click the down arrow icon on the top right of the Facebook page, then select Settings .
  3. Click Name .
  4. Enter your name and click Review Changes .
  5. Enter your password and click Save Changes .

2. How to change Facebook name (FB) on cellphone

  1. Learn the standard names that Facebook allows above.
  2. Open your Facebook application and select the Triple Button menu .
  3. Scroll down and select Settings & Privacy , then select Settings .
  4. Select Personal Information , then select Name .
  5. Enter your name and select Review Changes .
  6. Enter your password, then select Save Changes .
It should be noted that you can only change your Facebook name every 60 days.
Even though you have applied the method to change the FB name  on the HP or computer above and it didn’t work, there are a few things you need to know. You might experience problems or failures when changing your name if:
  • Your name does not comply  with the Facebook name policy above.
  • You have just replaced it in the last 60 days or you have tried to replace it too often.
  • You were previously asked to confirm your name on Facebook.
  • Your name does not match the name that appears on the item from the Facebook ID list.

3. Names permitted on Facebook

Before you decide to try to change the name of Facebook, it would be nice for you to pay attention to some things related to the rules of names on Facebook. Facebook is a community where many people use the name they use in their daily lives. Always knowing other people who are in a relationship with you will keep you and all members of the Facebook community safe from disguising, fraud, and phishing . Make sure the name you will use does not include the following:
  • Symbols, numbers, unusual use of uppercase letters, repetition of characters, or punctuation.
  • Characters from various languages.
  • Any degree (for example: professional, religious).
  • Common words or phrases, not names.
  • Words that offend or imply something inappropriate.
Other things that you should consider in how to change this Facebook name and its relation to the name on Facebook include:
  • Your profile name must be your daily nickname by your friends. This name must also be listed in the ID or document from the Facebook ID list .
  • Nicknames can be used as a first or middle name if they are variations of your real name (for example Bob for Robert).
  • You can also include other names on your Facebook account (for example: first name, nickname, professional name).
  • Profiles are for individual use only. You can also create a page for a business, organization, or idea.
  • It is forbidden to pretend to be anything or anyone.
Similarly, several ways to change the name of Facebook (FB) that you can use if you want to change the name of your Facebook account. Make sure before you decide to change your Facebook account name, you have read and adhere to the Facebook name policy above.

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